Service and Maintenance

Weekly Service Plans

  • Once a week service visits year round.
  • We empty skimmer baskets, pump baskets, and automatic cleaner bag each visit.
  • Remove leaf and debris from pool surface
  • Maintain water chemistry (7 point Water Test)
  • Back wash filter
  • Equipment Inspection (basic inspection is performed weekly)
  • Brush walls and steps
  • Bi-weekly Winter Rates

Call for rates and availability in your area.

Filter Cleanings

We clean filters two times per year. The purpose is to:

  • Keep the water clean and safe. To make sure no waterborne contaminants build-up in the filter.
  • Save money. A clean filter uses less energy to circulate the water in the pool.
  • Improve Chemical stability in the pool water. This will extend the life of the plaster in the pool and save money.
  • Maintain proper water flow and keep Algae out of your pool.

Pool Cleanup (Green to Clean)

Spring Start up & Winterizing

  • One time service calls available

Salt Water Systems Service

  • Clean and inspect cell
  • Check and adjust salt level

Want to Maintain Your Own Pool?

Let Pool Tech help with our onsite training program. Plans start at $285.99.

Plans Include:

  • 3-Hour course
  • Filter Cleaning (step by step instructions) $140.00 value
  • Water Chemistry overview ( free professional test Kit )
  • Equipment inspection & operation overview
  • Professional techniques to clean like a pro